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InstantPot Beef Rendang-a-like

I can’t bring myself to call this beef rendang, because that would be a travesty. It is however super tasty and features some of the same flavours and it quick.

Salt beef sandwiches

I’ve made pastrami before, but not it’s precursor, salt beef. I couldn’t find my pink curing salt, it came out a little grey in colour, but delicious.

Beef bolognese with Parmesan dumplings

Mince and dumplings are great (I’ve written about how much I enjoy savoury mince and dumplings). Beef bolognese is great. At some point, somebody combined the two.

Super Savoury Beef Mince and Dumplings

Growing up I hated mince and plain boiled potatoes, which is a shame because other than me it was something of a family favorite. Having grown up, I still don’t enjoy boiled potatoes, but I discovered dumplings, and that changed everything.

Beef and aubergine hotpot with quince

I’m trying to reduce our food waste by not letting anything spoil, so tonight’s dinner was the reduce of googling “aubergine and beef”, because we had some aubergine needed using up our The Christmas Farm meatbox contained are beef cut for stirfry.

Cornish pasties

I love a Cornish pasty and a pair make a great tea. I used beef mince because it’s what I had in, next time I’d probably use very finely sliced steak.

InstantPot Shin Beef Chilli

I’ve written about shin beef chilli in the past, but when a big chunk of shin landed in our meatbox I couldn’t resist giving it the InstantPot treatment.

Mongolian beef

I saw this Mongolian Beef recipe this morning and it ticked all the boxes, sweat, sharp, crispy fried bits and such lovely colours, so it went on my mental list to make.

Pastrami and warm german potato salad

I’ve love pastrami ever since I first ticked a food tourism box by going to Katz Deli, being overwhelms by it all but managing to order it on rye, and fell in love.

Friday night spicy meatballs

Early this week I saw a tweet about a Smitten Kitchen post from last year for braised ginger meatballs in coconut broth which looked excellent and I was excited to try it when I got home.

Instant Pot beef Curry

The more I use the Instant Pot, the more I appreciate being able to easily use different cooking techniques without doing more washing up. Recently I’ve used it a few times to make curries and uncovered the left-right-left of Instant Pot cookery: saute - pressure cook - saute.

Tiny meatballs in roast tomato sauce

Roughly this time last year I made 5 ingrediant tomato meatballs for the first time and it is excellent, we’ve had it numerous times. Tonight I decided to enrich it a little with some leftover double cream and tweak the spice mix a bit.

Beef and mushroom chilli with sweatcorn cornbread muffins

This year I’ve had more success than last year growing chillis, so it was high time I made a chilli with them. I also managed to grow a tonne of herbs, so I thought I’d make use of them too.

Rare steak and asian flavours noodle salad

A super quick tea with lots colour, crunch and spice. The rare steak melts in the mouth. You will need A small steak of of high quality as possible (this was a 300g filet between two) A block of noodles A big handful of beansprouts 3 spring onions, green parts finely slices, white parts sliced into battons 1 carrot grated A few inches of cucumber, cut into fine battons 1 red chilli finely sliced 1 teaspoon of runny honey 2 teaspoons of soy 1 teaspoon of fish sauce 2 teaspoons of toasted sesame seeds Half a teaspoon of grazed ginger The juice of half an oranges A hard handful of peanuts, ideally unsalted but salted will be ok.

Jerk spiced beef stew

For April is still unfeasibly cold and grey, so I fancied some sunny flavours. Nothing tastes more like the sun that jerk with is sweat chilli, bright thyme and fragrent spices.

Spicy dry fried beef with roast tomato salsa taco-a-likes

Another using up meal which turned out really well. I firmly believe that food you put togehter with your hands at the table is always the most fun, this being no exception.

Slow cooking beef with dumplings

Yep, it’s still winter, so it’s still legally required to eat stew once a week. Shin beef always slow cooks brilliantly but the probelm is you can’t do dumplings in the slowcooker (I’ve not tried it yet anyway), thus this was slow cooked for 8 hours, then finished in the oven.

Meatballs with roasted tomato sauce

Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients by John Whaite is a tremendous read and really quite an inspiring book. This dish was very much inspired by it, with a bit more garlic.

Homemade Bresaola

I’ve been facinated with charcuterie for years (mostly because it’s tasty) and I got given a copy of Curing & Smoking: River Cottage Handbook No.

Beef and Aubergine Casserole

Even on the hottest day of the year, casserole with dumplings is still my favorite comfort food. The aubergine ended up in there becaue I was having a use up of veg, but the texture was tremendous.

Slow cooked beef shin chilli

I do love a good chilli. Actualy, I’ll happily eat bad chilli if somebody else is cooking, but life’s too short to make bad chilli.

Rare roast beef faster than takeaway

I love roast beef, and the more I cook it the faster it is to cook. I had a chunk of excllent looking silverside from our meatbox so I decided to go for a super fast and hot roast leaving it rare in the middle.

Redneck sous vide beef

Sous vide (cooking at low temperature for an extended period) has been around for a while and was originally the realm of top end chefs with expensive kit.

Charred steaks

I love thin cut steak, but it’s virtually impossible to cook well. On a thick cut steak I love crispy blacken outside and a super rare middle.

Beef Wellington

Beef wellington is one of those things which looks amazing, combines some expensive ingrediants but it surprisingly easy. The trick to it is manage to cook the pastry whilst keep keeping the beef rare.

A midweek curry (that started life as ragu)

Sometimes you make something and it’s OK, but it’s not grea, and sometimes you can turn one dish into another. Luckily this was one of those meals.

Roast rib of beef with a pickled onion cream gravy

I love a good roast but it’s a tricky bit of timing sometimes. Roast potatoes take ages, rare meat doesn’t and making gravy can only happen after everything is ready to go, what a nightmare.

Beef braised with French flavours

Braising steak is sometimes a difficult thing to use. You can use it in stir-frys etc but what it needs it a bit of slow cook to help break down the fibres.

Sour Thai Style Beef

This was a quick dish that I could stick on to cook whilst I did a million and one things one evening. It’s a bastardization of flavours and cuisines, but it’s tasty in your face.

Cheating steak and kidney pudding

I love a steak and kidney pudding. The rich filling, the drama of cutting into it and steam errupting out, the spongy case, there’s so much to love.

Beef rib with Thai style salad

I love beef rib, but it does best when given a long and slow cook. At some point I’ll get round to doing some in the BBQ but until then, slow cooker it is.

Crispy sticky deep fried beef

Years ago I had crispy ginger beef in a restarunt in Vancouver. I’ve never found anything quite as good, but I’ve an idea how to reproduce the beef now.

Warm rare beef salad

Another warm salad this evening, this time a piece of topside done on the BBQ. Topside would probably better slow roasted but a hot short grill and a decent rest leaves it juicy and delicious.

BBQd Rib of Beef

No real recipe here, just another (rather serious) chunk of beef from G&S Organics becoming dinner for a few friends. You will need The beef A rib of beef.