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Jan 10, 2020 2 min read

Instant Pot beef Curry

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The more I use the Instant Pot, the more I appreciate being able to easily use different cooking techniques without doing more washing up. Recently I’ve used it a few times to make curries and uncovered the left-right-left of Instant Pot cookery: saute - pressure cook - saute.

The first saute browns onions and meat, making sure you don’t have anemic dish. The pressure cooking tenderises meat and results in a great sauce texture from the onions. A final saute then reduced the liquid content to get the right final consistency.

You will need

For the beef curry

  • A big hanfdul of beef stewing steak cut into 1cm chunks
  • An onion, roughly chopped
  • A tablespoon of garlic (I used a frozen block)
  • A tablespoon of ginger (and another block)
  • 4 blocks of frozen spinach
  • A big handful of baby tomatoes
  • A small spoonful of chilli pickle (I used Mr Vikki’s King Naga )

To serve

  • A couple of naan breads
  • A couple of big spoonfuls of plain yoghurt
  • A couple of big spoonfuls of mango pickle
  • A load of snipped corriader


  • Saute the beef, onion, garlic and ginger for about ten minutes
  • Stir in the pickle, tomatoes and spinach
  • Pressure cook for ten minutes
  • Let the pressure out
  • Saute for ten minutes
  • Grill the naans, smear with mango pickle, top with curry and then more yoghurt


The onions have broken down to a velevety finish, the beef is tender, the spicies come though without screamingy hot.

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