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Apr 13, 2019 1 min read

Jerk spiced beef stew

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For April is still unfeasibly cold and grey, so I fancied some sunny flavours. Nothing tastes more like the sun that jerk with is sweat chilli, bright thyme and fragrent spices. Sadly I didn’t have any pork or chicken in so I tried the same sorts of flavours with stewing beef. Success, though surprisingly hot.

You will need

  • Dices braising steak roughly diced
  • 2 habinaro peppers finely sliced
  • A teaspoon of whole allspice
  • Half a teaspoon of cloves
  • A couple of heaped teaspoons each of grated ginger and garlic
  • A handful of fresh thyme finely chopped and pulled off the twig
  • An aubergine roughly chopped


  • Brown the beef in a large pan with a few teaspoons of oil until well coloured
  • Gring the spices
  • Dump the ginger and garlic into the pan and stir until browned
  • Dump the spices and thyme and stir
  • Add a mug of boiled water
  • Stir round and scrape all the bit off
  • Stick everything in the slow cooker, including the aubergine
  • Slow cook for about 4 hours or so
  • Serve with coconut rice and finely sliced spring onion


Surprisingly dry, very fragrent, surpisingly hot. You need the sweet and sticky rice.

Everything browning Ready for the slowcooker GET IN MY FACE