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Pepper Pot stew

The Caribbean combo of thyme, allspice, habanero, nutmeg and cloves always remind me of sunshine and good times, and when I first saw Levi Roots making Pepper Pot stew on TV years ago, I really wanted to try it.

Gout friendly InstantPot baked beans

Boston baked beans, cooked with treacle and pork, are a world away from tinned baked beans, good as they are. Sadly, they’re also not very gout friendly due to the amount of pork, so I had a stab at making something as close as I could get.

InstantPot Kedgeree

I love kedgeree, and it turns out you can make it in an InstantPot. You will need 1 cup of rice (yes, yes, American measures, but rice is best cooked by volume) Just short of two cups of water 2 pieces of smoked fish (I used two pieces of smoked coley) 3 eggs 3 fat spring onions, finely sliced A cardamom pod A heaped teaspoon of hot curry powder Half a teaspoon of garam masala A small handful of parsley, finely chopped 2x knobs of butter Do Saute the onions in the butter until soft Add the rice, cardamom, curry powder and stir Add the water and then prop the InstantPot Trivet in Balance the fish and eggs on the trivet Cook on rice mode, which is 12 minutes Let the steam out Fluff the rice, peel then chop the eggs and fish and mix Stir though the parsley, garam masala and second bit of butter Results Savoury, lightly spiced, very satisfying.

InstantPot Beef Rendang-a-like

I can’t bring myself to call this beef rendang, because that would be a travesty. It is however super tasty and features some of the same flavours and it quick.

Salt beef sandwiches

I’ve made pastrami before, but not it’s precursor, salt beef. I couldn’t find my pink curing salt, it came out a little grey in colour, but delicious.

Peanut (groundnut) chicken

I love the Rivers of London books and all thought it Peter Grant raves about the groundnut chicken dish his mum makes. After a bit of googling I found that groundnuts are another name for peanuts (and fascinatingly in Nigeria “peanuts” are groundnuts dipped in dough and fried).

Beef and aubergine hotpot with quince

I’m trying to reduce our food waste by not letting anything spoil, so tonight’s dinner was the reduce of googling “aubergine and beef”, because we had some aubergine needed using up our The Christmas Farm meatbox contained are beef cut for stirfry.

InstantPot Shin Beef Chilli

I’ve written about shin beef chilli in the past, but when a big chunk of shin landed in our meatbox I couldn’t resist giving it the InstantPot treatment.

Lockdown InstantPot Dhal

This week we got a great delivery from Grainger Market, salad, fruit and an Indian Cookbox from Hector Hall. I’ve always loved dhal, it’s great comfort food.

Sweet and sour pork (lockdown edition)

I’ve blogged about sweet and sour porksweet and sour pork before, but this recipe was a variant to use up some bits and pieces whilst on lockdown.

InstantPot Biryani

This is probably a complete travesty, but it’s a dead easy and super tasty. The InstantPot left-right-left of saute, pressure cook, saute is an absolute winner.

Blackbeans done easily in the InstantPot

Beanbeans are a staple of Mexican and texmex food, but they’re not that common in the UK. You can get them in tins but they’re faily expensive and they’ve never had the texture I remember.

Instant Pot beef Curry

The more I use the Instant Pot, the more I appreciate being able to easily use different cooking techniques without doing more washing up. Recently I’ve used it a few times to make curries and uncovered the left-right-left of Instant Pot cookery: saute - pressure cook - saute.

Spicy Sweet Potato InstantPot Soup

Instance I joined the Cult of Instant Pot I’ve become a fulltime convert. The thing I love about it most is having everything in one pot which does everything.