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Peanut (groundnut) chicken

I love the Rivers of London books and all thought it Peter Grant raves about the groundnut chicken dish his mum makes. After a bit of googling I found that groundnuts are another name for peanuts (and fascinatingly in Nigeria “peanuts” are groundnuts dipped in dough and fried).

Tingly Chinese Chicken

My friend knows I’m always interested in unusual food, so when you messaged me to see if I wanted a jar of “this tingy chilli oil that my wife loves and you can’t get in the UK” I jumped.

Chicken Methi

Many years ago there used to be two Indian takeaways next tone one another near us. One was excellent, every dish different and a wide ranging menu.

Indian style spicy wings

This week I ran across The Cury Guy’s spicy chicken wings and couldn’t resist. Whenever I buy chicken breasts from Block’n’Bottle the wing is still attached.

The perfect chicken tikka masala ans naan

I’m continuing to work my way though Felicity Cloake’s excellent Completely Perfect and for a Saturday night what’s more fitting than the perfect chicken tikka masala with the perfect naan.

Chicken liver pate

I got a copy of Felicity Cloake’s Completely Perfect for my birthday and I’ve been working through it for the last few months. It’s brilliant, you should absolutely buy a copy.

Fakeaway vindaloo

Another Friday night fake takeaway, though this time probably just as unhealthy as the bought variety. I realised I’d never had a vindaloo before, always writing them off as too hot (and thus generally not very flavoursom), but the combination of pork and mustard always sounded good.

Day long marinades and lightly smoked wings and ribs

I’ve not had a lot of time for fun cooking recently, but I’ve bene really enjoying simply cooked meat on the BBQ with fresh salad.

Spicy roast chicken

Marinading chicken pieces and baking them in the oven is super simple and delicious. I always seem to have lots of yoghurt marinade left and there’s nothing you can do with it because it’s full of raw chicken.

Honey ginger chicken

To try and break a bt of a food rut we’ve been in were trying out recipes from Perfect Plates in 5 ingrediants, shopping specifically for the ingrediants for chosen dishes, rather than doing a general shop and making stuff.

Spatchcock chicken with a reduced stock

I love a good roast chicken and we very often spatchcock them for speed and even cooking. Excellent, but lacks the gravy which is so easily made from a roasting tin.

Filthy pie and super green salad

I’ve been working up in Scotland quite a lot over the last few months and whilst there came across two excellent local treats: macaroni pies (maracroni cheese, in a pie) and chicken tikka pie (you can figure it out).

Crispy chicken wings

I love chicken wings and until recently I thought deep frying was the only way to get really crispy results. I was wrong. The combination of baking at two temperatures and a little baking powder makes all the difference.

Baked chicken with Spanish flavours

An easy supper to feed lots of folks. I got the idea from this Thomasina Miers’ post. The Belazu tagine paste (bought from Sainsburys) adds a good base and body of flavours.

Miso poached teriyai chicken

After a trip to Wagamammas this weekend I realised I’d not had miso in ages, and my donburi had some excellent sweat sticky chicken. I thought the combo of the two would be rather good.


There are few things as American as hot wings in my eyes, and I bloody love them. They’re great vechicals for hot sauce too, which is handy because eating it with a spoon is generally frowned up.

Baked lemon chicken

I love takeaway Chinese lemon chicken so much. Even when it’s bad, it’s good. I’ve already blogged a fakeaway version already using chicken being quickly deep fried, but this version is very easy on the weight watchers points, and that’s pretty important to me right now.

Rich tarragon roast chicken

I didn’t manage to get any photos of the cooking process here sadly, and only just remembered to get a picture before it all vanished.

Homemade chicken kebab

Kebabs have a bad name in the UK and looking at the pavement detritus on a Sunday morning, I’d agree. However a good kebab is a think of wonder, and one of the things which makes it great is a good bread rather than a poor pita.

Cranberry chicken

A good way to use up Christmas trimmings or, in my case, christmas party leftovers and bargins to be had hen shopping. You will need Chicken portions, I used drumsticks A handful of fresh cranberries 3 peppers A large glass of wine or beer One of these handy stock pots or some leftover gravy A couple of spoonfuls of cranberry sauce A chilli Little bit of garlic and lemon would not go amiss.

Chicken and Chorizo salad with fried chicken skin coutons

A week or so ago my friends the two hungry boys posted a salad with two different fried meats. This sounds excellent. I doubled up on the greenary and added a lemony dressing and… fried chicken skin as coutons and roast potatoes for a gluten free tea with a friend.

Iced tea fried chicken and sharp coleslaw

I have a love/hate relation with fried chicken. When it’s good, it’s amazing. When it’s bad it’s terrible, and no matter how good it is it is still absolutely terrible for you, so if you’re going to make it, make it brilliant and make it rarely.

Warm chicken and tarragon salad

Years ago I baked chicken pieces in cream, tarragon and carmelised onions for a dinner party. It was excellent, but very rich. This is a lighter alternative, perfect for a summer evening tea.

Cheating Chinese lemon Chicken

A while ago I made a cheating version of one of my favourite Chinese takeaway dishes, orange chicken. Last week I made a lemon version and it was even better!

Baked pearl barley chicken

I’ve never considered doing anything with pearl barley other than sticking it in broth but since getting The Thug Kitchen Cookbook for Christmas (it’s mother fucking excellent) I’ve been playing around with it.

Cheating Chicken Noodle Soup

I love soups and broths. I love chicken noodle soups, both of the rich and pleasing Jewish deli variety or the salted, spiced Asian sort.

Amazing Cheating Chinese Orange Chicken

One (of my many) guilty pleasures is cheap Chinese takeaway. I love real amazing Chinese food, but sometimes nothing else will do but crispy friend chunks of chicken in a slightly sweet sauce with enough chilli to make it interesting.

Chicken Pizza Chips

A little while ago I ran across a Reddit post talking about “Pizza Fries” which looked amazing. I had the left overs of a roast chicken which had been been roasted over tomato, onions and peppers and couldn’t resist having a go.