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Oct 10, 2019 2 min read

Chicken liver pate

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I got a copy of Felicity Cloake’s Completely Perfect for my birthday and I’ve been working through it for the last few months. It’s brilliant, you should absolutely buy a copy. I’ve been trying to stick to the recipes too, rather than going too of piste. The Cloake has put endless work into research, it seems a waste to not stick to it.

However, I was left in a quantry on this one. My mum makes great pate (really great) and she swears by the inclusion of celary salt. A weird ingrediant, that I only see in bloody maries, and it’s not in recipe for How to make perfect chicken liver pâté.

In the end, I did include it, and I regret nothing.

You will need


  • Follow the steps in How to make perfect chicken liver pâté
  • I added booze and cream to the pan with the livers and bubbled it up for a minute
  • Remember to make sure the lid is on the blender and you’ve not fired pate up the wall
  • Retain what’s left in the sieve - it’s a great cooks treat on toast.
  • I cooked one ramkin for 20 minutes in a tray of boiling water to cook it through.


Deliciously smooth, just enough spice, rich without being greasy, wonderfully savoury.

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