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Oct 12, 2019 2 min read

The perfect chicken tikka masala ans naan

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I’m continuing to work my way though Felicity Cloake’s excellent Completely Perfect and for a Saturday night what’s more fitting than the perfect chicken tikka masala with the perfect naan.

Again, I tried to stick to the recipes.

You will need


  • Follow the instructions
  • The chicken needs prepping in the morning if you want to eat that evening
  • The naan dough needs time to rise. I cheated and used the breadmaker
  • I also added the nigella seeds to the dough mix so the flavoutr permiates the whole naan
  • Next time I’ll BBQ the chicken to get a good char on the meat
  • I’m willing to bet that the sauce would be better made and rested for a day.


The naan is difficult to get right, I might try rolling them thinner next time, getting them to cook though without burning is hard . The chicken itself is delicious, juicy and sharp, it’s a great marinade. The source is a great texture. Next time I might add a little more sugar, maybe a dark one. I’d also reduce the sauce down a bit more.

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