All Cheese Posts

Herby cheese and onion push together bread

I remember this from growing up, but didn’t know where it came from. A bit of googling suggests it was probably from Nigella Christmas. The original reciepe calls for snipped sage leaves.

Saag paneer

After a busy week mostly fuelled by snacks and black coffee we needed a dinner full of vegatables than was also satisfying. The combination of a tonne of spinach and cheese fitted the bill.

Super quick squeaky cheese salad

A super quick tea, ten minutes from coming in the door to getting in your face. This is also a super quick write up too, sorry.

Airfried Halloumi

After seeing deep fried halloumi on TV this week, I wondered whether it could be airfried. Good news, it can! You will need A block of halloumi cut into chunky chips.

Pan Haggityish

It’s that time of the year (that most wonderful time of the year) where you can completely justify eating comforting food. YES - I said it again - the weather is rubbish, everything seems to be terrible and it’s totally justified to eat pork, carbs and cheese baked in meaty salty delicious stock.

Filthy pie and super green salad

I’ve been working up in Scotland quite a lot over the last few months and whilst there came across two excellent local treats: macaroni pies (maracroni cheese, in a pie) and chicken tikka pie (you can figure it out).

Blue cheese and mango pickle crumpets

I first had blue cheese and mango pickle in a sandwich in the much missed Tony & Frankies. Good in a sandwich, better on a crumpet.

Overloaded Pork Chop

I love a good pork chop but unless you’re careful they can get dry. Ignore those dreadful things with the fat taken off in the supermarket and get yourself with the skin still on and a good layer of fat on them from your butcher (or meatbox).

Christmas cheese nibbles suitable for eating with wine and beers in polite company, possibly where you need to not get too drunk and tell inappropriate stories

The batch of these I made and took to the party weren’t as good as those I made for the rollings out, so I’ll describe that process instead.

Homemade ricotta and spinach pizza

After an amazing pizza at Cal’s Own I decided it was time to have a go at making ricotta. You will need 2 pints of full fat milk A good splash of white wine vinegar or lemon juice 200g of strong bread flour a pinch of fast yeast pinch of salr a hand full of spinach (fresh or defrosed frozen squeezed dry) half a jar of premade pesto Do Put the milk in a pan and bring almost to the boil Add the lemon or vinegar, turn off the heat and stir a little Leave for twenty minutes to stand.

Smoked salmon pasta

I’ve not bee very well this week and not able to swallow easily so this super simple pasta dish was perfect. Editors Note It has been pointed out that in fact my most wonderful girlfriend cooked this for me on Wednesday and that this recipe is not exactly what she did.