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InstantPot Biryani

This is probably a complete travisty, but it’s a dead easy and super tasty. The InstantPot left-right-left of saute, pressure cook, saute is an absolute winner.

BBQ Garlic mint lamb

My garden is producting a tonne of mint and parsely this summer so everything at the moment is being made with as much of both as I can get away with.

Lamb kofta with a bitey salsa verde

Another meal wrapped in a flatbread! I think I have an obsession, possibly an addiction. You will need Flatbreads (I used some bought (and discounted!

A lazy Sunday meze-a-like

I love meals which can be prepared in advance and with a little prep work come together like magic at the end. This is one where everything benefits from a little marinading time.

Lamb chops with moroccan spices and beans

I love a quick super and lamb chops are a great starting point. Having a big jar of olives and sundried tomatoes in the fridge is aso a good starter.

Home made donner kebab

Growing up I held donner kebab is the lowest of regards, writing it off as the worst quality meat and something I’d never eat. Indeed right though university I managed to avoid it, right up until a couple of years ago when I had a bite or two on top of a pizza (there’s another story) in Middlebough.

Char sui style pork with birch syrup

A few months ago my friend Jim sent me a bottle from his latest venture The Birch Syrup Company and other then a quick birch gin martini (excellent) I’d not got round to having a play with it, until I was walking home tonight and had a craving for char sui pork.

Glazed lamb and a Greek-like-salad

I love a bit of quick grilled lamb and a marinade and glaze never goes too far wrong. Despite lamb being sweet I think it benefits from a slightly sweetened glazed, however if you grill lamb hot and fast (as it benefits from) sugars in the glaze burn, so I decided to try adding it at the very end of cooking.

Lamb stew

In this week’s rather excellent Our Man Inside our man Documentally mentioned hit last meal would include Iraqi Lamb and Eggplant Stew which sounded like a great use for some lamb neck steaks that were in our meatbox this month.

Pulled lamb

I stumbled across an excellent slow cooker pulled brisket this week and had cravings. I also had a small leg of lamb in the freezer which needed using.

Moroccany Lamb Chops

Nothing complicated here, just some lamb chops grilled fast are hard, grazed and served with a flavoured couscous. I thought I had a pot of ras el hanout around somewhere but when I couldn’t find it I improvised and loved the result

Camping food: Moroccan Lamb

I’m just back from driving round The North Coat 500 whih was tremendous fun. Knowing I was camping for a few days I wanted to take some food with me but everything I read in “quick ccampfire meal” type blog posts involved boiling huge amounts of water.

Spiced roast lamb with a fresh grape chutney

Another chunk of lamb, spiced, blackened and then left to rest. This was a leg of lamb I boned out and flattened. The grape chutney was a use up of some past their best grapes, I’ve been rather facinated with “fresh pickles” of ate.

Left over lamb becomes spicy pie

image: “/images/blog/lamb-pie-3.jpg” After a rather excellent roast of lamb shoulder (from Cranstons) we had a load of cold lamb left over. Rather than a quick curry we made spiced lamb pies instead.

Day two of slow cooker lamb

You will need For the lamb A couple of ladles of yesterdays lamb Crunchy salad Use whatever you have around. I was trying to get a balance of crunchy, sharp and sweet.

Slow cooked North African(ish) lamb

Getting a regular meatbox from the awesome G&S Organics means that we’ve had a glut of roasting joints in the freezer of late, and much as I love a roast with all the trimmings, they’re not the most convenient of foods.