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May 27, 2019 2 min read

Lamb kofta with a bitey salsa verde

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Another meal wrapped in a flatbread! I think I have an obsession, possibly an addiction.

You will need

  • Flatbreads (I used some bought (and discounted!) wraps)
  • Hot sauce (I chose Encona’s vinegary habinato classic)

Minty salsa verde

  • Half a handful of fresh mint leaves
  • The same of parsley
  • A single fat clove of garlic
  • A heavy pinch of rock salt
  • Enough red wine vinegar to slake to the consistency of mint sauce

Lamb Kofta

  • Minced lamb (not the super lean stuff)
  • A level teaspoon of sweet cinnamon
  • Half a teaspoon of ground coriander
  • Half a teaspoon of sumac
  • A good pinch of flaky salt


  • A tin of chickpeas, well drained and washed
  • A heaped teaspoon of tahini
  • A good slug of olive oil (probably about 2 tablespoons full)
  • A slug of lemon juice (probably about a tablespoon full)

Pea mash

  • Frozen peas


  • Mix the kofta ingrediants and mix hard. You’re aiming for a well pulverised smooth mix
  • Form into equal balls about the size of a small apricot
  • Pop them all in a frying pan on low. You’re aiming to cook the fat out of them as you do the rest. This will take about 20 minutes. Keep turning them.
  • Mash all the salsa ingrediants in a mortor and pestle, adding the vinegar a bit at a time until you get the desired consistency
  • Mash the hummus ingrediates (it’s easier to start with the chickpeas and then add the rest)
  • Mash the salsa ingrediants
  • Cook the peas (I microwaved them), drain and mash
  • Keep pouring the fat off the lamb and turn the temperature up for the last couple of minutes until they are browned on all sides
  • Warm the wraps (I just popped them in the microwave for 10 seconds)
  • Assemble and eat, layering everything with the salsa on the top


The rough texture of the hummus and pea mash is smooth without being homogenous. The lamb (which I had to break up to get things to fold well) is juicy but with crunchy bits. The salsa is too sharp and too garlicy, but is tempered by the sweetness of the peas and the rounded blandness of hummus. Uneven distribution means every bite is a different.