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Rib sticking using up pudding for a cold day

The weather turned cold and miserable today, so I decided to kill four birds with one stone: Steamed suet pudding, to help get though the weather Use up some oranges that were going past their best Answer the question: can you make suet pudding in a slow cooker Answer the question: can you use clingfilm instead of muslin and safe yourself a tonne of time.

Slow cooking beef with dumplings

Yep, it’s still winter, so it’s still legally required to eat stew once a week. Shin beef always slow cooks brilliantly but the probelm is you can’t do dumplings in the slowcooker (I’ve not tried it yet anyway), thus this was slow cooked for 8 hours, then finished in the oven.

Day two of slow cooker lamb

You will need For the lamb A couple of ladles of yesterdays lamb Crunchy salad Use whatever you have around. I was trying to get a balance of crunchy, sharp and sweet.

Slow cooked North African(ish) lamb

Getting a regular meatbox from the awesome G&S Organics means that we’ve had a glut of roasting joints in the freezer of late, and much as I love a roast with all the trimmings, they’re not the most convenient of foods.