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Nachos, but make them roast potato

Our household loves roast potatoes done in the airfrier. War lass loves nachos. I am less keen on them. Luckily it turns out that you can marry the two things and everybody loves them!

Potatoes and chorizo

Super simple, but it tasty, super savoury. Multiple options. Doing the potatoes under the grill makes it easier to get a good even crispy finish compared to in the pan and without using tonnes of oil.

Pastrami and warm german potato salad

I’ve love pastrami ever since I first ticked a food tourism box by going to Katz Deli, being overwhelms by it all but managing to order it on rye, and fell in love.

Spicy roast potatoes

I made this as a side dish the other night, but it was the star of the show, hence writing this up, but the lack of photos.

Saag Aloo Paneer

The airfrier came into its own this week when I discovered I could use it to make tiny cubed roast potatoes. Delicious in their own right, but excellent as part of the bulk of a meal.

Pan Haggityish

It’s that time of the year (that most wonderful time of the year) where you can completely justify eating comforting food. YES - I said it again - the weather is rubbish, everything seems to be terrible and it’s totally justified to eat pork, carbs and cheese baked in meaty salty delicious stock.

Warm and sharp potato salad

One of the fringe benefits of eating a lot of BBQ in the States was eating a ot of BBQ side dishes. It was facinating how many variations on potato salad there were, from the mayo coated gloop at one end to the warm, sharp, vinegar laden jobs at the other.

Perfect roast potatoes

Perfect is a big claim, but these are pretty damned good. I’ve pinched a bunch of ideas from other people over time I’ve no idea who but probably my gran, Nigel Slater and Nigella.