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Tiny meatballs in roast tomato sauce

Roughly this time last year I made 5 ingrediant tomato meatballs for the first time and it is excellent, we’ve had it numerous times. Tonight I decided to enrich it a little with some leftover double cream and tweak the spice mix a bit.

Sprouty sausagey pasta

After Christmas sprouts are still in the shops and excellent. Fine sliced they can be used in loads of places. I’d not thought of having them in pasta but the combinate with sausage is great.

Meatballs with roasted tomato sauce

Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients by John Whaite is a tremendous read and really quite an inspiring book. This dish was very much inspired by it, with a bit more garlic.

Simple pasta bake

I wasn’t going to blog about this but the photos attracted some attention on twitter, so I’m knocking it out quickly. The trick here is using a metal oven tray, promoting stuck on savoury bits.

Simple savory pasta

Quick tea, very similar to the mushrooms on toast but with added seafood. Lemon peel for flavour, lemon juice to cut the grease. You will need wholegrain pasta A handful of mushrooms A handful of cooked peeled prawns Zest of half a lemon Juice of a quarter of a lemon A big spoonful of soft cheese A few sprigs of thyme Black pepper Do Slice the mushrooms and dump the thyme and lemon zest in a pan with a dash of oil on a medium heat Put the pasta on to boil Keep the mushrooms moving until they are nicely softened and slightly browned Once the pasta is 2 minutes of being ready dump the prawns (defrosted) an cheese in with the mushrooms Drain the pasta, reserve a few spoonfuls of the water to slacken the mushroom mix if needed Mix lots, season, serve.

Homemade ricotta and spinach pizza

After an amazing pizza at Cal’s Own I decided it was time to have a go at making ricotta. You will need 2 pints of full fat milk A good splash of white wine vinegar or lemon juice 200g of strong bread flour a pinch of fast yeast pinch of salr a hand full of spinach (fresh or defrosed frozen squeezed dry) half a jar of premade pesto Do Put the milk in a pan and bring almost to the boil Add the lemon or vinegar, turn off the heat and stir a little Leave for twenty minutes to stand.

Smoked salmon pasta

I’ve not bee very well this week and not able to swallow easily so this super simple pasta dish was perfect. Editors Note It has been pointed out that in fact my most wonderful girlfriend cooked this for me on Wednesday and that this recipe is not exactly what she did.