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Gout friendly InstantPot baked beans

Boston baked beans, cooked with treacle and pork, are a world away from tinned baked beans, good as they are. Sadly, they’re also not very gout friendly due to the amount of pork, so I had a stab at making something as close as I could get.

Making a Marmite Syringe

These days I love Marmite. Once upon a time I could not stand it. Previous me was a jerk at times. We tend to buy Marmite in the 1kg tubs, because it’s so much cheaper, but the nature of the sticky black goo makes it difficult to keep the tubs clean, which is frustrating.

Gout friendly turkey chorizo

This year my gout has been really painful, to the point where I started a new side project I’ve also had to cut out from my diet all pork, offal, game, fish, shellfish, beer and whiskey.