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Okonomiyaki meets Wales

This week I ran across okonomiyaki on twitter (mostly because I jokes about the potential farts from a cabbage and egg based meal), but we had a big green cabbage to use up, so I figured I’d have a go.

Pan Haggityish

It’s that time of the year (that most wonderful time of the year) where you can completely justify eating comforting food. YES - I said it again - the weather is rubbish, everything seems to be terrible and it’s totally justified to eat pork, carbs and cheese baked in meaty salty delicious stock.

Gin cured bacon

I love making bacon. It’s not hard, but it takes time, and probably costs way more than buying the best bacon, but I love it all the same.

Making bacon

I got given a bacon making kits for Christmas. A quick word with G&S Organics secured me a substantial piece of belly pork (about 5lbs).

Baconated Sprouts

I’ve never really enjoyed sprouts but one of my friends pointed out that you could treat them like tiny cabbages and in the same week I saw another friend referring to “baconating the sprouts”.