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Jul 11, 2019 1 min read

Saag Black Pudding

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Recently I’ve been cooking a lot of spiced spinach dishes. It’s a tonne of green vegetables, full of spicy goodness and if you squint you can convince yourself it’s healthy.

This week I’ve had a near terminal case of manflu. I also found 300g of blackpudding in the freezer that needed using up so I took a chance, and set about comparing these two great super foods. It was… amazingly good.

You will need

  • Everything except the cheese in the /blog/2019-05-31-saag-paneer/
  • Black pudding cut into thick rounds


  • Follow all the steps in /blog/2019-05-31-saag-paneer/ other than those for the cheese
  • Grill the blackpudding until crisp on the outside
  • Reserve the fat that leeches out
  • Stir the blankpudding and it’s fat though the spinach sauce
  • Gently heat it though for a few minutes


The spice of the blackpudding shines though. The crispy edges retain their structure. It’s better than you imagine.

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