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Gentle turkey

I’m writing this on my iPad because my laptop has died, and so far the experience is painful. however, last night’s tea was a good way too use up a pepper and leek that were well past their best.

Gout friendly turkey chorizo

This year my gout has been really painful, to the point where I started a new side project I’ve also had to cut out from my diet all pork, offal, game, fish, shellfish, beer and whiskey.

Tingly Chinese Chicken

My friend knows I’m always interested in unusual food, so when you messaged me to see if I wanted a jar of “this tingy chilli oil that my wife loves and you can’t get in the UK” I jumped.

Turkey Samosa

You will need For the dough 200g of plain flour 60g fat (I used some lard) About 6 tablespoons of cold water For the filling In total it should add up to a couple of big handfuls

Deep frying a turkey in Celsius

Ever since I ran across it somewhere on the Internet I’ve wanted to deep fry a turkey. At first it looks like the most redneck and crass thing, but… it’s the best turkey I’ve ever eaten.

Pepsi brined smoked turkey with Southern trimmings

One of the things we ate in Texas which was so much better than expected was smoked turkkey at Kreuzs in Lockhart (after a morning of blasting away with all the firearms banned in the UK).

Ramekin baked turkey brurgers

Turkey mince makes a great burger but because it’s so low fat it’s difficult to keep them together in the pan. Step forward baking. Because all the juice is kept in they’re juicy.

Thai turkey meatballs

I love turkey. It’s a great meat, seemingly only eaten at Christmas, but it’s low fat, super tasty and often on offer. I’m planning on eating more of it this year and although tasty in itself it’s great at soaking up flavours.