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Friday night spicy meatballs

Early this week I saw a tweet about a Smitten Kitchen post from last year for braised ginger meatballs in coconut broth which looked excellent and I was excited to try it when I got home.

Thai pork mince

There’s something very satifying about eating spicy food scooped up in a leaf. This is 10 mins from start to face. You will need Pork mince (about 300g in my case) 2 small hot chillis (I used birds eye) 1 lime 1 stem of lemon grass, finely chopped (I cheated and used the pre-packaged puree - abot a teaspoon) 1 fat inch of ginger 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped (I cheated again!

Thai turkey meatballs

I love turkey. It’s a great meat, seemingly only eaten at Christmas, but it’s low fat, super tasty and often on offer. I’m planning on eating more of it this year and although tasty in itself it’s great at soaking up flavours.

Sour Thai Style Beef

This was a quick dish that I could stick on to cook whilst I did a million and one things one evening. It’s a bastardization of flavours and cuisines, but it’s tasty in your face.

Beef rib with Thai style salad

I love beef rib, but it does best when given a long and slow cook. At some point I’ll get round to doing some in the BBQ but until then, slow cooker it is.

Mean Thai Green Prawn Curry

Since The Bangkok Cafe on Low Friar Street closed last year our house has been a somber place. It served freshly cooked Thai street food, quite different from the Royal Thai stuff that you typically get at Thai restaurants with carved carrot nonsense on the side.