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A very rich pork chop with mushrooms

One day I’ll cook mushrooms without cream, but that day is not today. I boody ove mushrooms, and when you leave them chunky they’re so good as part of a main course.

Simple savory pasta

Quick tea, very similar to the mushrooms on toast but with added seafood. Lemon peel for flavour, lemon juice to cut the grease. You will need wholegrain pasta A handful of mushrooms A handful of cooked peeled prawns Zest of half a lemon Juice of a quarter of a lemon A big spoonful of soft cheese A few sprigs of thyme Black pepper Do Slice the mushrooms and dump the thyme and lemon zest in a pan with a dash of oil on a medium heat Put the pasta on to boil Keep the mushrooms moving until they are nicely softened and slightly browned Once the pasta is 2 minutes of being ready dump the prawns (defrosted) an cheese in with the mushrooms Drain the pasta, reserve a few spoonfuls of the water to slacken the mushroom mix if needed Mix lots, season, serve.

More Mushrooms

After my last mushroom post by old mate Ali got in touch This with added cream and brandy and tarragon in the place of parsley is my go to starter for dinners.

Mushrooms on toast

Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods but I get to eat them infrequently because they’re very much a marmite food and our house is 50⁄50 split, so when I get the chance I binge.