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Pinked Gin

I love a gin martini and I love sloe gin (of which I have an excess), but sometimes sloe gin needs that extra kick of strong alcohol.

Sloe gin decanted

Back in October I finallly (a few weeks late) bottle up my [sloe-gin] and this evening, just in time for Christmas drinkies. Not much to say here, decant slowly to avoid sediment, sweeten if needed (I like mine dry so I didn’t) and bottle in something pretty.

Sloe gin

I had so much to write but it all comes down to two things: I love gin and sloe gin is just enough faff to make it feel special.

Super green cucumber lemonade

I saw this on Smitten Kitchen a few years ago and was reminded about it this week (a retweet I think). The original recipe discards the skins of the cucumbers to create a much subtler colour and flavour.