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Aug 3, 2019 2 min read

Blooming onions and fried chicken

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Many years ago, whilst watching Buffy, Spike (the best Buffy character) mentioned Blooming Onions. The idea piqued my interest, and then I forgot about it. Many years later my old friend James tweeted me a link about them seeing if I fancied making them, and I did, but… I forgot again. A few months later my friend John sent me a tweet linking to them, James piled in and so we decided to get together and make them.

Whilst we had 15 litres of hot oil we fried up a whole jointed chicken.

Buffy from Spike loves onionBuffy from Spike loves humans blood too

You will need

  • A big onion, as big as you can get
  • An egg
  • A mug of milk
  • Plain flour - about a cup full
  • Salt - couple of teaspoonfuls
  • Paprika - couple of teaspoonfuls
  • Ground coriander - couple of teaspoonfuls
  • 15 litres of sunflower or peanut oil
  • A deep fat frier


We tried egg washing and flouring but it didn’t really stick, so we whisked up a batter and that worked better

  • Put the deep fat frier on
  • Whisk up everything except the onion
  • Trim the top inch off the onion and then remove a core about an inch wide
  • Cut vertically though the onion (not all the way) 8 or 12 times, evenly spaced
  • Gently tease the “petals” open (this and the step before it are much harder than they sound)
  • Dip in the batter and try to get it evenly stick to the onion
  • Deep fry for about 10 mminutes


Crispy crunchy delicious bits, soft sweat inside bits, kinda like an onion bhaji but not doughly at all. A tremendous faff but well worth it. Buffy gif suggests we should have stuck them in ice water so they open up and maybe we will next time.

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