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May 8, 2018 2 min read

Sticky soy honey salmon

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I have a bit of a thing for sticky sweet meat dishes, and so this mid-week dinner was a bit of a guilty plesure. The poached bak choi is a good foil to the rich fish.

You will need

  • A couple of salmon fillets per person
  • A fat clove of grlic
  • An inch or so of peeled ginger
  • A couple of tablespoons of light soy
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • A tablespoon of citrus juice (I used a past-it’s-best mandarine)


  1. Finely slice the garlic and ginger (I used the mandolin)
  2. Mix soy, honey, garlic and ginger well
  3. Mix salmon and marinade and leave for a few hours, stiring every so often
  4. Pop the grill on reasonably high
  5. Boil the kettle
  6. Pop the salmon into a pan you can put under the grill, skin side down and pop it under the grill
  7. Separate all the bak choi leaves and stick them in a pan
  8. Add an inch or so of hot water to the bak choi, stick it on a medium heat with a lid on
  9. The salomn will take about ten minutes, baste as needed
  10. Drain the bak choi, serve with a tiny drizzle of hoisin
  11. One the salmon is carmelised on the top and cooked right though, serve


The fish is rich and sweet, coming away in big flakes. The slices ginger and garlic hold their shape and the odd one is beutifully crisp.

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