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Sep 7, 2015 2 min read

Pirate Spawn

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Years ago I shared a flat with a workmate called Darius, and one night we got very drunk of cocktails of rum, ginger beer and lime. We called them “Pirate Juice Yarrr!” (complete with “waving tankard aloft” hand gesture). In our drunken stupour we decided we’d quit our jobs for the summer and travel the festivals selling Pirate Juice Yarrrr! and whilst not making our fortunes having an amazing summer. We should have done it too, because I resigned a year later, broken, grumpy and without having spent a summer having an amazing time. Before you point it out, yes, we didn’t known we’d reinvented the Dark and Stormy but hey, we were young(er) and foolish.

Tonight I’ve come off a week on call where I’ve not had a drink but did have some rather excellent ginger beer in the fridge. I also had a left over passion fruit and the sweet and sour nature of it seemed like it would go rather well with the Pirate Juice. It might look vile, but it was excellent.

You will need


  1. Squeeze the lime quarter and dump the lot into a glass
  2. Mix everything in the glass
  3. Drink


Sweet, sharp, bitter and biting with a good kick. You might want to fish out the lime wedges though, makes sipping the spawn easier. Ice (or a cold glass) would have helped.

A clean and refreshing beverage