I keep thinking I should eat more liver, but I’m really not sure i like them, but I do love pate, thus, using a very similar method to the delicious muthrooms on toast from a little while ago I had a very tasty dinner. Frozen chicken livers are super mega cheap too. I got a 200g pack for 50p.

You will need

  • Defrosted chicken livers
  • Dash of oil
  • Good slug of sherry (dry ideally)
  • A slurp of single cream
  • Black pepper
  • A few scrapes of lemon peel
  • Good bread


  1. Trim all the bits off the liver, connective tissue, fat etc. Use scissors.
  2. Pop the livers in a frying pan with the oil on a high heat
  3. Keep them moving until they’ve stopped weeping blood
  4. Add sherry, lemon peel, pepper and cream
  5. Let it bubble away until it’s just starting the thicken and catch.
  6. Scrape it all into a toasted roll with a good splash of lemon juice.


Frankly I’m yet to find anything that’s not good when fried with cream and alcohol. Some fresh parsley and more lemon juice would have been good.

Ready To be eaten