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Improvised squash curry

It’s the time of year (the week really) when squashes and pumpkins are super discounted. I’ve generally no idea what to do with them, but I pinched the method that HelloFresh often uses, roasting in the oven and then saucing.

Filthy pie and super green salad

I’ve been working up in Scotland quite a lot over the last few months and whilst there came across two excellent local treats: macaroni pies (maracroni cheese, in a pie) and chicken tikka pie (you can figure it out).

Curry goat

After getting a chance to buy some goat on the bone from The Lakewood Goat Company whilst they were at Jesmond Food Market there was only one thing on the cards, curry goat.

A midweek curry (that started life as ragu)

Sometimes you make something and it’s OK, but it’s not grea, and sometimes you can turn one dish into another. Luckily this was one of those meals.

Mean Thai Green Prawn Curry

Since The Bangkok Cafe on Low Friar Street closed last year our house has been a somber place. It served freshly cooked Thai street food, quite different from the Royal Thai stuff that you typically get at Thai restaurants with carved carrot nonsense on the side.