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Pine smoked trout salad

We got some lovely pink sea trout in our FishBox and I finished work on time so had a little bit of time to faff.

Day long marinades and lightly smoked wings and ribs

I’ve not had a lot of time for fun cooking recently, but I’ve bene really enjoying simply cooked meat on the BBQ with fresh salad.

BBQ Garlic mint lamb

My garden is producting a tonne of mint and parsely this summer so everything at the moment is being made with as much of both as I can get away with.

Pepsi brined smoked turkey with Southern trimmings

One of the things we ate in Texas which was so much better than expected was smoked turkkey at Kreuzs in Lockhart (after a morning of blasting away with all the firearms banned in the UK).


BBQ masters will hate everything about this, but the result, tender, moist, hot but not crazy hot, is well work the pay off. These were baked in the oven then finished on a reasonably hot BBQ with a smoke box.

Barbequed watermelon, feta and mint salad

This seems really odd but was really good and an excellent way to use the heat when you put the BBQ on. You will need A couple of slices of watermelon (very ripe) Feta Mint leaves Rock salt Do Make sure the melon is very ripe (I stuck it in a bag with a couple of bananas to make the most of the XXXX effect) Get the BBQ seriously hot Cook the melon until the flesh starts to blister and caremalise.

Spiced roast lamb with a fresh grape chutney

Another chunk of lamb, spiced, blackened and then left to rest. This was a leg of lamb I boned out and flattened. The grape chutney was a use up of some past their best grapes, I’ve been rather facinated with “fresh pickles” of ate.

Warm rare beef salad

Another warm salad this evening, this time a piece of topside done on the BBQ. Topside would probably better slow roasted but a hot short grill and a decent rest leaves it juicy and delicious.

BBQd Rib of Beef

No real recipe here, just another (rather serious) chunk of beef from G&S Organics becoming dinner for a few friends. You will need The beef A rib of beef.