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Twix Sandwich

It all started with Facebook’s vile bonhomie “What’s on your mind?” prompt, leading me to write “What’s on my mind? Whether a Twix sandwich is feasible, and if so, legal?

Thai pork mince

There’s something very satifying about eating spicy food scooped up in a leaf. This is 10 mins from start to face. You will need Pork mince (about 300g in my case) 2 small hot chillis (I used birds eye) 1 lime 1 stem of lemon grass, finely chopped (I cheated and used the pre-packaged puree - abot a teaspoon) 1 fat inch of ginger 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped (I cheated again!

Lamb chops with moroccan spices and beans

I love a quick super and lamb chops are a great starting point. Having a big jar of olives and sundried tomatoes in the fridge is aso a good starter.

Elotes knockoff

At an amazing hole in the wall place in Key West we ate corn on the cob that came wrapped in foil. I’d no idea what it was called, but a bit of googling uncovered “elotes”.

Double salmon en croute

Years ago, possibly on Junior Masterchef, I remember seeing a lass cook a dish with both smoked salmon and fresh. My mum was horrified (what a waste!

Home made donner kebab

Growing up I held donner kebab is the lowest of regards, writing it off as the worst quality meat and something I’d never eat. Indeed right though university I managed to avoid it, right up until a couple of years ago when I had a bite or two on top of a pizza (there’s another story) in Middlebough.

Char sui style pork with birch syrup

A few months ago my friend Jim sent me a bottle from his latest venture The Birch Syrup Company and other then a quick birch gin martini (excellent) I’d not got round to having a play with it, until I was walking home tonight and had a craving for char sui pork.

Glazed lamb and a Greek-like-salad

I love a bit of quick grilled lamb and a marinade and glaze never goes too far wrong. Despite lamb being sweet I think it benefits from a slightly sweetened glazed, however if you grill lamb hot and fast (as it benefits from) sugars in the glaze burn, so I decided to try adding it at the very end of cooking.

Spatchcock chicken with a reduced stock

I love a good roast chicken and we very often spatchcock them for speed and even cooking. Excellent, but lacks the gravy which is so easily made from a roasting tin.

Deviled kidneys and chips

Every so often my G&S Organics meatbox comes with a secret message on the top - CC. It’s my twitter handle, but it’s also a goodd sign that Lee has popped me something exta in, knowing we’re not a household which only eats steak.

Aubergines with szechuan spice and pork

I was looking for a way to use up a ripe aubergine and some excellent pork mince when I ran across this rather excellent looking roast aubergines with Szechuan fragrant pork made by Thomasina Miers.

Pork Scratchings

I love pork scratchings. Often too thick, too salty and too always greasy, they’ve got a back name, but it’s easy enough to make good por scratchings.

Warm and sharp potato salad

One of the fringe benefits of eating a lot of BBQ in the States was eating a ot of BBQ side dishes. It was facinating how many variations on potato salad there were, from the mayo coated gloop at one end to the warm, sharp, vinegar laden jobs at the other.

Gin cured bacon

I love making bacon. It’s not hard, but it takes time, and probably costs way more than buying the best bacon, but I love it all the same.

Filthy pie and super green salad

I’ve been working up in Scotland quite a lot over the last few months and whilst there came across two excellent local treats: macaroni pies (maracroni cheese, in a pie) and chicken tikka pie (you can figure it out).

Lamb stew

In this week’s rather excellent Our Man Inside our man Documentally mentioned hit last meal would include Iraqi Lamb and Eggplant Stew which sounded like a great use for some lamb neck steaks that were in our meatbox this month.

Pulled lamb

I stumbled across an excellent slow cooker pulled brisket this week and had cravings. I also had a small leg of lamb in the freezer which needed using.

Slow cooked beef shin chilli

I do love a good chilli. Actualy, I’ll happily eat bad chilli if somebody else is cooking, but life’s too short to make bad chilli.

Crispy chicken wings

I love chicken wings and until recently I thought deep frying was the only way to get really crispy results. I was wrong. The combination of baking at two temperatures and a little baking powder makes all the difference.

Spicy pulses

I love Graze boxes and I especially love their spicy crunchy snak thing. I started to try and bulk buy such things online but it was pointed out they could probably be replicated easily enough.

Moroccany Lamb Chops

Nothing complicated here, just some lamb chops grilled fast are hard, grazed and served with a flavoured couscous. I thought I had a pot of ras el hanout around somewhere but when I couldn’t find it I improvised and loved the result

The most savoury thing in the world

There are times when I crave savoury so bad it is unreal. I’ve found myself eating chilli flakes in oil from the jar not five minutes after making peanut butter and lime pickle sandwiches.

Simple pasta bake

I wasn’t going to blog about this but the photos attracted some attention on twitter, so I’m knocking it out quickly. The trick here is using a metal oven tray, promoting stuck on savoury bits.

Baked chicken with Spanish flavours

An easy supper to feed lots of folks. I got the idea from this Thomasina Miers’ post. The Belazu tagine paste (bought from Sainsburys) adds a good base and body of flavours.

Deep frying a turkey in Celsius

Ever since I ran across it somewhere on the Internet I’ve wanted to deep fry a turkey. At first it looks like the most redneck and crass thing, but… it’s the best turkey I’ve ever eaten.

Curry goat

After getting a chance to buy some goat on the bone from The Lakewood Goat Company whilst they were at Jesmond Food Market there was only one thing on the cards, curry goat.

Rare roast beef faster than takeaway

I love roast beef, and the more I cook it the faster it is to cook. I had a chunk of excllent looking silverside from our meatbox so I decided to go for a super fast and hot roast leaving it rare in the middle.

Slow cooker carrot soup

I love carrot soup, and it’s super easy to make. This was an experiment in cooking out the veg for an hour, almost roasting them, so that there were carmelised bits and a deep, rich flavour.