Today has been grey, cold, wet and exactly what the end of the summer shouldn’t be. Driving home tonight I decided to cook something full of summer colours and flavours. Luckily there were some bright fresh tomatoes and discounted premade pastry for sale.

You will need

  • Shortcrust pastry. It’s easy to make but I cheated
  • Enough tiny sweet tomatoes to fill the dish
  • A handful of basil
  • A mozzarella ball
  • Salt and pepper
  • a smear of garlic (I used the stuff in a tube)


  1. Oven on at 180 oC
  2. Line the tin with pastry (3mm thick roughly)
  3. Chop basil fine and scatter evenly
  4. Half the tomatoes and arrange
  5. Smear a little garlic around
  6. Scatter over torn mozzarella
  7. Salt and papper
  8. Bake for about 20 mins until golden


Sweet, light, rich but ready in minutes. Served with a green salad with a sweet sharp dressing.

Lessons learned

  1. The tomatoes leaked a lot of liquid leaving a soggy sage, I should have grilled them hard with a little butter first
  2. Too much cheese. I’m amazed I’m writing this.
  3. Not enough basil (I’m not surprised by this)

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