I trie dthis before and it didn’t really work, but the flavours were about right and it was the consistency that was wrong. Attempt two (mostly to use up bits in the fridge)!

You will need

  • A length of black pudding (skinned and sliced)
  • A simalar sized length of chorizo (diced)
  • A red onion (sliced)
  • A couple of peppers (rough diced)
  • A handful of olives (stoned)
  • Half a pint of stock
  • A couple of potatoes (sliced 3mm)


  1. Stick the oven on 180
  2. Stick the onions into a frying pan on a medium heat, dry, pile to chorizo on top
  3. Once the oil starts t run on the chorizo the onion will fry.
  4. After a few minutes add the peppers, stir and let everything soften
  5. Once the peppers have started to colour pile it all into a deep dish with the olives
  6. Top with a later of black pudding annd potato slices interleaved. You want bits of both to be poking up.
  7. Black pepper the top, add the stock until the potatoes are covered and pop in the oven
  8. After half an hour or so drain off half the liquid and return to the oven
  9. Boil the liquid down to a few teaspoons of Super Delicious Goo
  10. Once the top is crispy and delicious, pour over the Goo and serve


Very savoury, the go especially. The mix of crispy and soft black pudding and potato hides a sweet layer of onions and peppers. The top later is salty and bitey. The choziro has leached enough oil to be just greasy enough.

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