I completely forgot to take a photo before this was basically all eatten, sorry about that. This went from ingrediants to IN MY FACE in less than 5 minutes, including plating up and contementation.

You will need

  • A packet of frozen king prawns, defrosted
  • A handful of green beans
  • A block of noodles
  • A teaspoon of peanut butter
  • A tablespoon of soy
  • A splash of lime juice


  1. Pop the beans and noodles in a pan with boiling water on a high heat. You want it to boil instantly
  2. Put the prawns in a dry frying pan on high, keep them moving
  3. Whizz the soy, lime and peanut butter together with a splash of water
  4. After 2 mins drain the noodles and green beans
  5. Dump the peanut mix into the pan wth the prawns, let it start to bubble
  6. Add the noodles and beans
  7. Mix and turn voraciously
  8. Serve. I added hoisin and chilli flakes in oil (as always)


Super fast, savoury, a bit gado gado in style.

This was all that was left when I remembered that  somebody what might want to see this