I love Graze boxes and I especially love their spicy crunchy snak thing. I started to try and bulk buy such things online but it was pointed out they could probably be replicated easily enough. You can use any pulses and hatever spices you like. I aimed to have salt, heat and depth.

You will need

  • Tins of pulses. I used kidney, butter beans, chickpeas and a tin of mixed beans
  • About two heaped table spoons of spices. I used chilli flakes in oil, cinnamon, cumin and soy (for salt)


  1. Wash the pulses well
  2. Mix with spices
  3. Spread on a sheet of greaseproof on a baking tray
  4. Put in the oven at around 100oC for around four hoursor until crunchy.

I left them in the oven with it turned off thinging it would be ok. A mistake, the condensation made them soft. Luckily another hour in the oven the next day sorted them right out.


Savoury is fuck. Great with beer. Four tins of beans reduced a massive amount.

Fresh from the oven I don't know why I put them in a jar, I was always going to eat them