Recently I’ve been really craving kimchi, the wierd fermented spicy cabbage. It’s an aquired tste, but once aquired it seems to go with anything.

My go to quick comfort food is a big bowl of Asian broth with noodles, greens and other bits. I’ve been using miso in the broth base, which is great, but the addition of a quarter of a chicken stock cube really bolsters it up.

Endless variations are possible, with pretty much any meat and veg working well.

You will need

The broth

  • A couple of tablespoons of miso paste.
  • Half an inch of fresh ginger very finely sliced
  • Quarter of a chicken stock cube

The toppings

I add the same things to nearly all my bowls

  • Chilli flakes in oil
  • Hoisin
  • Lime juice
  • Sprinkles (I’ll find their name one day - they’re imported by S&B)
  • Rich soy


I throw in any cooked meats, bok choy, fine sliced cabbage, fine sliced onions and occationally ramen. As the title suggests I’ve recently been adding kimchi to every bowl too. One real surprise was adding sliced pastrami. The thin meat cooks though quickly and the light spicing goes really well with the cabbage of the kimchi.


  1. Boil enough water to fill your bowl
  2. Add stock cube and miso
  3. Add fine sliced ginger and boil for a minute
  4. If you’re adding a lime, now is the time to do it so it gets a minute more boiling that everything else
  5. Dump in your filling ingrediants, lid, and boil furiously for a minute, then turn the heat off
  6. Load your bowl with condiments.
  7. Ladle and serve.


Salty, sour, spicy, umami rich and so satifying it hurts. Board to bowl in less than 5 minutes

Ingrediants Pastrami and kimchi BBQ beef and kimchi