Spring should have sprung by now, but it’s cold and crappy outside, so sometimes you need some comfort food (one that’s not just cheese and chilli based)

You will need

  • Good quality sausages
  • Small new waxy potatoes
  • Half an onion
  • Some dark green fresh cabbage
  • A pint or so of stock


  1. I was being very lazy, so stuck the sausages and onion in a pan and dumped the potatoes in on one side, keeping that side off the heat
  2. Brown the sausages and the onion will soften
  3. Once you’ve got some stuck on tasty bits, move the pan onto the heat fully
  4. Add the stock and cover
  5. Once the potatoes have cooked (15 mins or so) take the lid off, turn up the heat and add the cabbage
  6. Give it a stick every so often so the cabbage is cooked through, scraping the stuck on bits off the pan
  7. Ready once everything is cooked through and the liquid is all but gone


Umami rich and savory delicious. Needed a good chunk of bread to mop up the bits.

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