I love a good sausage roll. Every so often I buy a cold one from a shop and they’re always dissapointing. With pre-made pastry they’re stupidly easy to make too. I added a bunch of thyme and black pepper to pep up some slightly underwelming sausages

You will need

  • Some good sausages
  • A few big sprigs of thyme
  • A pack of pre-made puff pastry
  • Apricot jam
  • Black pepper
  • An egg
  • Seaseme seeds (optional)


  1. Figure out how wide the pastry will need to be to wrap a sausage. Mine was about half the width of the premade pack luckiy
  2. Run some apricot jam down the middle of the pastry
  3. Skin the sausages and mix well with the thyme (stripped off the stem) and pepper
  4. Mould the meat back into continual sausage and pop it on top of the jam
  5. Fold the pastry over and nip shut
  6. Turn over so the fold is on the bottom
  7. Egg wash and sprinkle with the seeds
  8. Slice though. It’s difficult not to squash them, I used a very sharp toothed bread knife
  9. Back at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes


Best eatten warm, not straight out of the oven. Everything I want in a sausage roll. The jam helps add a sweetness, the fat runs out of the sausage and makes the pastry on the bottom stiky and savoury. A sprinkle of rock salt would have helped

Jam on pastry Be better at lining things up than me Trimmed ends Egg washed and sprinkled Fresh from the oven For the appreciating of the gooey savouriness