I’ve not bee very well this week and not able to swallow easily so this super simple pasta dish was perfect.

Editors Note It has been pointed out that in fact my most wonderful girlfriend cooked this for me on Wednesday and that this recipe is not exactly what she did. These facts are true, however, this is how I have cooked this dish many times before, just not on Wednesday night when I was too ill. I still love her despite somebody pointing this out.

You will need

  • Pasta. I used dried penne but it works well with ribbony pasta too
  • A 100g pack of smoked salmon. I used an offcuts pack for £1
  • A big handful of baby spinach
  • A large spoonful of soft cheese. I used Philadelphia
  • fresh lime


  1. Pasta into boiling salted water
  2. When it’s 30 seconds from ready dump in the spinach
  3. Drain it all, catching a few spoonfulls of the water
  4. Mix water, cheese and salmon in the pan
  5. Add the pasta and mix
  6. Serve with a good scratch of black pepper and a seemingly over enthusiastic squeeze of lime


Unctious and creamy, luxary on a budget. The lime helps cut through the cloyingness of the cheese and brings the salmon right up. Here’s dreadful picture. I ended up just dropping my wedge of lime into the bowl so I could add more if needed (and I did)

Smoked salmon and spinach pasta