I love a good pork chop but unless you’re careful they can get dry. Ignore those dreadful things with the fat taken off in the supermarket and get yourself with the skin still on and a good layer of fat on them from your butcher (or meatbox). When I got an amazing pair from G&S Organics I couldn’t wait to get them under the grill for a quick and sharp cook.

You will need

  • A large chop per person
  • An apple
  • A tablespoon of sharp white vinegar
  • Enough strong cheese to cover the chops thinly
  • A bag of salad
  • 2 slices of cold toast
  • Mustard, salt, pepper, pinch of sugar, olive oil and malt vinegar for a simple salad dressing.


  1. Finely splice the apple and pop it on a low heat with the white wine vinegar with a lid on. It’s going to take 20 minutes to cook down.
  2. Put the chops under the grill on reasonably high. Cook until the top is browned and the fat nearest the grill is blistering and just slightly charred. The game here is to cook the chop as far through as possible without it going dry.
  3. Slice the surface of the chop to help the apple sauce stick. You should probably slice right through the fat so that it doesn’t curl up (I forgot)
  4. Smear over the apple sauce and return to the grill.
  5. Once the chop has cooked though (I waited until the apple was just starting to catch and guessed) top with cheese and stick back under the grill.
  6. At this point you’ve got about two minutes to get everything else together…
  7. Shake the salad dressing together
  8. Dice the toast into 1cm squares
  9. Toss the salad, toast and dressing
  10. Plate up the salad. I used a warm plate, the salad won’t suffer for it
  11. Add chop and server


A bit rich, a bit greasy, strong flavours with chewy fats and crisp rind, the dry toast offsetting the lot. You wouldn’t want one every day but god does it brighten up a dreary day.

Apples after stewing Chops! First side grilled Top side sliced though before appling Appled Topped with cheese Salad Plated up Get In My Face!