I’ve been working up in Scotland quite a lot over the last few months and whilst there came across two excellent local treats: macaroni pies (maracroni cheese, in a pie) and chicken tikka pie (you can figure it out). Good as they are I had to wonder, what happens when the two meet? Filthy dirty deliciousness, that’s what.

What to serve with a pie made of curry and cheese? A super healthy, crispyy, sharp salad, as invented by my lass, inspired by an M&S salad.

Using precooked noggets from the deli counter, premade pastry and tinned macaroni make this super quick. The salad takes a bit of chopping but is well worth it.

You will need

For the pie

  • Premade short crust pasty
  • Tesco’s tikka chicken bites (about 10)
  • A jar of tikka marsala sauce
  • A tin of macaronni cheese
  • A chunk of strong cheese (I used up some dry red leicester)
  • I added some chilli extract to pep us the sauce a bit

For the salad

  • A handful of sugar snap peas, cut into inch long pieces
  • A sharp apple, grated
  • A equal amount of cucumber, diced
  • A handful of coriander, fine snipped
  • An inch of giner finey grated
  • A couple of tablespoons of soy
  • A couple of tablespoons of cider vinegar
  • A single tablespoon of seseme oil
  • A handful of punpkin seeds


  1. Pop the oven on at 180oC
  2. Line a high sides pie tin with pasty and put it into the oven to blind bake for 5 minutes
  3. Chop the chicken into chunks which will fit well
  4. Heat the chicken in a good slug of the sauce until its well coated and hot right though. This was when I decided to add some naga extract
  5. Heat the macaroni cheese
  6. Pack the pie 3/4 full of chicken mix, packing it into the corners
  7. Top with mac’n’cheese
  8. Top that with a handful of cheese
  9. Bang it in the oven for 20 minutes. Everything is already cooked so this is just crisping up the pie casing and the cheese top
  10. Meanwhile make the salad by mixing it all well


Rich, cheesey, spicy, a mix of textures. It’s not classy, but oh my goodness, it is delicious.

Pie ingrediants Lined pie tin Added spice The chicken bit of the filling Yes, honestly, this is going to be good, have faith Pie fillings, assemble! Pre-mac Post-mac Fresh from the oven Saad ingrediants Dressing before mixing Pre-pumpkin seeds Admire those raised sides The first cut is the deepest GET IN MY FACE YOU DELICIOUS BASTARD