This idea was everywhere a few years ago, especially on the American food blogs. I didn’t ever get round to having a go (as a packed lunch) but given how much noodly soups feature in our house, it was only a matter of time. Luckily at work there are hot water dispensers everywhere so come lunchtime I just added hot water and everything was go.

You will need

  • A suitable piece of Tupperware. I bought a Sistema Microwave Soup Mug
  • A block of noodles. I used my favorites from the Chinese super market which are often used for chow mein
  • Half a red pepper (sliced)
  • A chunky spring onion (finely slices)
  • A chilli (sliced length wise)
  • A stock pot. Next time I’ll use half one
  • Noodle soup condiments, I used soy, dried chillies in oil and hoisin.


  1. Stick it all in your tub the night before
  2. Add boiling water


Mine was a bit salty and had leaked in my laptop bag, so not as good as I was hoping, plus the hot water at work was not boiling. All these are easily remedied next time. So much better than a dull sandwich.

If I’d had any left over cold pork or beef that would have been a good edition.

Ingrediants The night before Pre hot water Get in my face you delicious bastard