Lobster is one of life luxuries which is regularly abused. There’s just no need for cream, wine, fried onions etc, just let the gentle flavour shine right through. The best lobster I’ve ever eaten was cooked over a fire on a beach in Scotland, served with a little melted butter and the tiniest bit of garlic, eaten with friends, a meal never to be repeated. Years later at Fish! in NYC I stumbled across the lobster roll and was a bit horrified. How could the delicate flesh of a lobster be drowned in mayo and served in a hotdog bun? Surely this was taking crass American food culture too far? I was wrong, it was tremendous, and if you’ve got the chance of a cheap lobster it’s well worth it.

Thus, when I found pre-cooked lobsters for £5 each in an Asian supermarket, it was all go.

You will need

  • A precooked lobster, thawed competely
  • A fluffy fresh burger bun
  • A lime
  • A tablespoon of mayo
  • Lots of black pepper


  1. Stick the grill on high.
  2. Boil your lobster following the instructions. Mine took 3 mins
  3. Zest the lime into a bowl and add a load of black pepper
  4. Add a tablespoon full of mayo and the juice of half the lime. Mix well
  5. Shell the lobster. I watched a handy youtube video. Remember to crack all the joints and get it all out.
  6. Toast the breadbuns until almost burnt whilst the lobster cools
  7. Snip the lobster into pieces with sissors and coat in just enough of the mayo mix to coat it (not smoother it)
  8. Pile it into the breadbuns with some salad


Sweety, slightly gooey and sticky, spicy and better than the takeaway. Mine with 9 SmartPoints including the rice too so I’ve enough points for 10 gins. Perfect

Ingrediants Mayo mix Shelled GET IN MY FACE