I love a quick super and lamb chops are a great starting point. Having a big jar of olives and sundried tomatoes in the fridge is aso a good starter. The packets of quick cook grains could be replaced with rice or couscous but the chewy nutty grains are good.

You will need

  • A couple of lamb chops
  • A teaspon of harissa paste
  • A handful of frozen broad beans
  • A handful of frozen peas
  • A handful of olives and sundried tomatoes
  • A big spoonful of greek yoghurt
  • A mug of pre-cooked grains


  1. Pop the chops in a frying pan with a teaspoon of oil on a mmedium heat
  2. Turn a few times until the outside is browned (the inside should still be pink)
  3. Pour the bean and peas round the outside of the chops
  4. Smear the top of the chops with the the harissa
  5. Pop a lid over the top so the beans and peas cook in the steam
  6. Turn the chops spice side down and add the olives and tomatoes
  7. Cover with the lid and turn the heat up for a few minutes
  8. Stir in the grains, bubble for mnute or so, stirring to get the stuck on bits
  9. Serve with a blob of yoghurt


The chops should be pink in the middle, browns on the outside, the pea and beans will have leaked enough liquid to make a gravy, the olives and tomatoes soften and combine with the spice. A toated pitta would have gone well with it.