A few months ago my friend Jim sent me a bottle from his latest venture North Pennine Birch Syrup and other then a quick birch gin martini (excellent) I’d not got round to having a play with it, until I was walking home tonight and had a craving for char sui pork. A perfect excuse to break it open.

The sim of the game with the pork fillet it to cook it quickly, both so it stays juice and so the sugars don’t burn. Using the stove top and the grill works well for this.

You will need

  • A pork fillet. Mine was about 300g
  • A tablespoon of North Pennine Birch Syrup
  • A tablespoon of sesseme seed oil
  • A drop of light soy
  • An 1/8 of a teaspoon of mnced garlic
  • Something to eat it with. We had rice with peas and sweetcorn


  1. Whisk up all the ingrediants
  2. Slice the pork into rounds about 5mm thick
  3. Mix and marinade for an hour
  4. Put the grill on super hot
  5. Get a frying pan you can put under the grill on hot with a drop of plain oil in it
  6. Sizzle the pork in the pan for a coupe of minutes then pop it under the grill
  7. Take the pan out out after a couple of minutes and serve


Sticky and sweat with a slight herb edge from the syrup. I added a little hoisin and some magic sprinkles.

Marinade Marinading First sizzle Fresh from the grill GET IN MY FACE