I love a bit of quick grilled lamb and a marinade and glaze never goes too far wrong. Despite lamb being sweet I think it benefits from a slightly sweetened glazed, however if you grill lamb hot and fast (as it benefits from) sugars in the glaze burn, so I decided to try adding it at the very end of cooking.

Using a red hot pan and a red hot grill means the lamb can be seared on the outside, still rare in the middle.

I can’t claim this is a Greek salad because it has no olives (due to them only being 50% acceptable in our house).

You will need

For the lamb

  • Lamb neck or lamb chops, diced to a little over an inch
  • A good slug of red wine vinegar
  • A good slug of olive oil
  • Half a clove of garlic finely sliced
  • A good sized sprig of mint, finely snipped
  • A good spring of thyme, stripped off the branch
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • Salt and pepper

For the salad

  • 6 inches of cucumber diced to 1cm
  • A handful of feta, diced
  • A few fresh origano leaves, fine snipped
  • A couple of ripe tomatoes
  • Flat lettuce sliced
  • A slug of olice oil
  • A good twist of salt and pepper


  1. Whisk up the oil, garlic, vinegar and mint
  2. Reserve about a shot glass full to once side and mix the honey in with it
  3. Mix the lamb and the non-honey’d marinate, leave for a few hours
  4. Mix the diced feta, oil, salt, pepper and origano
  5. Get a griddle pan really hot, and the grill too.
  6. Drain off the lamb, pat dry and dump it into the pan. After a minute or two turn it all.
  7. Stick it under the grill for another few minutes
  8. Once the lamb has some blackened edges, dump in the reserved honey mixture and stir about. Return to the grill for a minute or too.
  9. Take the lamb out, scrape everything off the pan and leave to rest for a minute whilst you grill a pita and mix up the salad
  10. Pile on a plate


The lamb is tender, crunchy bits, sweat bits, the vinegar lifts the rich grease up and there are (hopefully) sticky garlicy umarmi bits.

Marinade is pretty Lamb marinading (banana for scale) The honeyed-marinade Marinading feta Salad mixed up Sticky lamb About to go in my face