I got given a bacon making kits for Christmas. A quick word with G&S Organics secured me a substantial piece of belly pork (about 5lbs). This is mostly pictures because the process was very simple.

Bonus: you get to make pork scratchings too!

You will need


  1. Cut the pork into a size you can fit in a tight fitting plastic bag
  2. Rub the cure and marinade into both sides of the pork
  3. Bag it
  4. Fridge it for a week, turning each day*
  5. Cold smoke for a few hours
  6. Bake in the oven at 80oC for 2 hours
  7. Let is cool and then fridge for a couple of hours
  8. I halved the piece to make it easier to work with
  9. Slice, bag and freeze
  10. Treat yourself to a sandwich with the offcuts

At this point I should point out my mistake: leaving the skin on. Real pig skin is tough as leather, especially after a couple of hours smoking and baking. The first piece was so hard to slice I blistered my hand. If you slice off the skin you get to crisp it in the oven afterwards too to make pork scratchings.

A photo diary

Start of the adventuree Sectioningg 50% cure and 50% marinadee Well rubbed in Bagged and ready to rock Day 6 from the fridge Cold smoker All sealed up and ready to go (cats suddenly get interested) After smoking (I sneaked some cheese in there too!) Change of colour after smoking After baking Side view after baking Sliced (this is the piece with the skin on) Frying up the offcuts Giant pork scratchings!