Back in October I finallly (a few weeks late) bottle up my [sloe-gin] and this evening, just in time for Christmas drinkies. Not much to say here, decant slowly to avoid sediment, sweeten if needed (I like mine dry so I didn’t) and bottle in something pretty.

I got a load of lovely glass bottles thanks to The Herb Garden who stashed away some of the lovely sparkling water bottles they use. Recycling at it’s best. I used a teapot to fill the bottles because I couldn’t find my funnel anywhere.

Next time I might use a gin with a higher alcohol gin (export strength) because I swear it’s lost some of the booze.


The colour is tremendous, it just doesn’t come though on the photos. The flavour is light and not too sweet, perfect for sipping or mixing in a with sparkling wine.

Before decanting Bottled Look at that colour!