I’m funny about eggs. I love an omlette, but I’m not keen on soft eggs, be they fried or poached. I’d also never eat a hardboiled egg on it’s own, but I love a scotch egg or even a pickled egg. It’s a mystery. Anyway, it occured to me I could combine my beloved pickled egg with the scotch egg to create The Uber Snack Egg.

I always hard boil my eggs from cold in cold water, with a gentle hat at first. This seems to stop as many cracking, but who knows.

Since publishing this the very excellent Katie Moffat alertd me to The Manchester Egg which is very simalar thing but involves black pudding! Can’t wait to try one of those out.

You will need

For pickled eggs

  • A jar of pickled onions or a jar of malt vinegar and pickling spices
  • eggs
  • A couple of chillis

For scotch eggs

  • Sausage meat. I used a 250g pack for 4 eggs. You could also split open some quality sausages
  • Panko crumbs
  • A lemon
  • Black pepper
  • Polenta or plain flour


Making pickled eggs

  1. Pop your eggs into a large pan of cold water and pop it on the heat.
  2. Once it’s at a rolling boil turn the heat down and boil for 8 mins.
  3. Let the pan stand for a while, then run cold water in and leave eggs to stand.
  4. Once eggs are properly cold peel them. I’ve not got a great technique for this yet.
  5. Stick the eggs and chillis into the pickling vinegar and stick it in the fridge for a week. Next time I’m popping some slies of beetroot in for colour.

Scotching them right up

  1. Pop the oven on at 180. Set everything up first, once you get sausage meat on your hands there’s no oing back
  2. Drain the eggs on paper towel and roll them in polenta or flour. This helps make the sausage meat stick.
  3. Setup a tray of breadcrumbs
  4. Zest the lemon into a bowl and add a load of black pepper
  5. Mix sausage meat into lemon and pepper well. Divide into even sized balls, one per egg.
  6. Dunk a meat ball into the breadcrumbs so it’s covered on one side, then patting it between your hands make an oval about twice as long as the egg.
  7. Pop the egg in the middle and wrap the meat round. Squeeze the ball between your hands to make sure there’s no gap.
  8. Roll in the breadcrumbs and pop onto a metal tray
  9. Bake for about 15 mins until the sausage meat is cooked right through.


I ate these cold but I imagine they would be great fresh from the oven. The egg was a little rubbery because it’s cooked twice in effect, but the sharpness and the heat come through. The lemon and black pepper sausage meat was so good I’d cook it again separately. One had split a little and the egg was exposed to the oven but it was still good.

All the steps in one picture.