Sometimes things come together perfectly, almost as if they were planned or predestined. Today was such a day. I was extolling the virtues of my new favourite drink at work and one of my colleagues mentioned something his partner said and the drink was named. I present The Winky, named by Lyndsey Tait. Why? For she perfect observation that “the lemon 16%* is the winkyiest**”

You will need

  • 100ml (1/3 of a can of “16%*” San Pellegrino Limonata
  • 50ml of Aperol
  • 50m of gin (something oily and strong like Plymouth
  • A handful of ice would be good
  • A heavy based rounded glass


  1. Mix


Bitter and herbal yet sweet and moreish. Significantly winky.

Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness. Martin Luther King, Jr.

* In our office San Pellegrino Limonata is known as 16%, mostly because it contains 18% juice. We’re a funny little tribe.

** “Winyiest” eg. makes one wink the most due to the full force of the 16%*