It’s something of a tradition in my house to make sandwiches on Xmas night using the leftovers, but there is a rule: if it was on the table, it’s in the sandwich. Additions are allowed, but no skipping things, even sprouts.

Due to the volume and weight involved it’s something of a construction challenge so I include notes and photos.

You will need

  • Bread
  • Everything that was on the table, no cheating.


  1. Toast base layer for structural integrity. Cranberry sauce (not too liquid). Toast base
  2. White turkey meat. Always a bit dry so close to the cranberry. Turkey meat
  3. Sliced roast potatoes and parsnips. Roast vegetable layer
  4. Sliced sprout and carrots. Boiled vegetable layer
  5. Instead of heaping up, start on the other slice. Bread this time spread with bread sauce natch Bread on bread
  6. More meat. Sliced sausages in blankets and stuffing Roasted meat layer
  7. Baked red cabbage for moisture Non traditional, but excellent
  8. Cold gravy and black pepper. Cold gravy is deliciouss
  9. Construct with a quick flip and cross cutDistinct layers are importantt