A good way to use up Christmas trimmings or, in my case, christmas party leftovers and bargins to be had hen shopping.

You will need

  • Chicken portions, I used drumsticks
  • A handful of fresh cranberries
  • 3 peppers
  • A large glass of wine or beer
  • One of these handy stock pots or some leftover gravy
  • A couple of spoonfuls of cranberry sauce
  • A chilli

Little bit of garlic and lemon would not go amiss.


  1. Brown the chicken in a pan you can put in the oven
  2. Add the peppers (diced), cranberries, chilli and wine/beer
  3. Bang it in a 180 oven for a good 40 minutes
  4. Add the gravy/stock and cranberry sauce, give it all a good stir
  5. return to the oven for another 30 mins or so
  6. Take the lid off and let the top almost burn


Sweet and sticky, just enough heat from a single chilli, a touch oily. Some lemon at the end would have heped cut the grease. Rice was good but toast would have been better. I’d e tempted to add some pigs in blankets on top next time.

Ready for the oven Hitting the plate