The batch of these I made and took to the party weren’t as good as those I made for the rollings out, so I’ll describe that process instead. The photo however is of the larger ones, which were good but not quite as crisp and delicious. Adjust amounts based on your weight of cheese. I was having a use up.

You will need

  • Whatever hard cheeses are lurking in your fridge. I used 200g of mature pre-grated cheddar that had gone dry, some yarg well past it’s best and a bit of fresh cheddar. Grated and weighed
  • An equal weight of self raising flour.
  • A heavy pinch of mixed herbs
  • An equal amount of black pepper (course ground)
  • A good pinch of rocksalt
  • A pea sized amount of garic powder
  • Milk or natural yogurt


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients well
  2. Mix in enough yoghurt or milk to make a stuff dough. Mine with just slightly sticky.
  3. Break up dough into lumps the size of small apples
  4. Stick the oven on 180
  5. Working one ball at a time roll out into sausages about as thick as your finger
  6. Slice off rounds as thick as they are round
  7. Arrange on a metal baking tray. They need a little room to expand but not much
  8. Bake near the top of the oven until sightly puffed, golden on top and sightly burnt on the bottom.


Crispy, salty, herby, savory, cheesy and satisfying.

All ready for the party