Out of date goats cheese? Check Slightly past it’s best leek? Check No pastry and can’t be arsed to make it? Check

Perfect dinner: Goats cheese and leek tartlets!

You will need

  • Leek
  • Butter
  • Goats cheese
  • Sliced white bread


  1. Cut off the crusts of the bread and press into a muffin tray. Imagine it’s pastry.
  2. Slice and saute the leeks in a blob of butter until cooked and mostly translucent. Use the green as well as the white. Use slightly too much butter, the bread will thank you
  3. Pile the leeks into the muffin tin slightly higher than the lip of the tray. Add a scratch of black pepper
  4. Add a slice of goats cheese to the top of each one
  5. Bake until crispy and golden.
  6. Serve with a salad.


The butter leeks through the leeks into the bread so it fries and crisps in the tray. The cheese melts and darkens. It’s a savory joy in your face.

Pastry Wth leeks Fresh from the oven On the plate